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Smithtown Concrete Products Corp. is a third generation family owned business. It began manufacturing concrete blocks in the late 1940's, when Long Island began to expand into the suburban metropolis it has become today.

Smithtown Concrete has been a significant force in the Long Island economy, from its role in the development of early tract housing through its status as a major supplier to one of the largest industrial parks in the nation. It has a masonry supply store on its premises open to architects, contractors and homeowners.

In addition to the products that we manufacture, including our new Smithstone blasted textured facing,  Smithtown Concrete distributes Belden Brick, Glen Gery Brick and Trenwyth Industries line of Glazed Masonry Units and Ground Face Masonry Units.

All our products are manufactured by us in our facility in Smithtown, Long Island. This allows us to maintain control of both product quality and service, including color consistency, unit quality and delivery. We are one of a small number of firms that manufacture architectural masonry with high strength concrete and water repellent admixes, adding substantially to the quality, appearance and durability of the structures where they are used.

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441 Middle Country Road, PO Box 612, Smithtown, NY 11787
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