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Earthtone Colors

Buff Orange Earthtone Buff Orange Charcoal Grey LS 50 Earthtone Charcoal Grey LS 50 Series Charcoal Grey LS 70 Earthtone Charcoal Grey LS 70 Series
Charcoal Earthtone Charcoal Chocolate Earthtone Chocolate Mauve Earthtone Mauve
Military Tan Earthtone Military Tan Nathan's Brown Earthtone Nathan's Brown Natural Grey Earthtone Natural Grey
Red Earthtone Red

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Pastel Colors

Antique Cream Pastel Antique Cream Beige Pastel Beige EC Cocoa LS. Pastel Cocoa LS
Dash Board Green Pastel Dash Board green Gerry's Rose LS Pastel Gerry's Rose Peach LS Pastel Peach
Squash LS Pastel Squash

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Arctic Frost Colors

Arctic Frost White Arctic Frost White Cream Arctic Frost Cream Ice Blue Arctic Frost Ice Blue
Key Lime Green Arctic Frost Key Lime Green Lavender Arctic Frost Lavender LLO Arctic Frost LLO
Pumpkin Arctic Frost Pumpkin Rose Arctic Frost Rose Silver Grey Arctic Frost Silver Grey

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Smithstone Masonry Units shall be manufactured by Smithtown Concrete Products Corp., Jericho Turnpike, Smithtown, New York 11787. All architectural load-bearing masonry units shall meet A.S.T.M. Specification C-90-98. In addition, the units shall be of high strength concrete with a net area compressive strength of 3500 PSI. 

It is recommended that water repellent be integrally mixed with the mortar to add durability , and to optimize wall performance.  Wall design must also incorporate proper flashing details to achieve optimal results.

Units may be colored with integrally mixed, light-fast, weather-resistant, pigment. Color shall be maintained uniformly throughout the job within normal manufacturing tolerances.

Various aggregates and cements are available to meet design needs of the architect.

Middle Country Road and Arthur Drive, Smithtown, NY 11787
Phone: (631) 265-1815 Fax: (631) 265- 1977