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One Wythe walls need to weep!

Split-Face Masonry Units with integral water repellent have the capacity to pool water in the cores of the block.

This wall was left open at the top of the wall.  The salt buildup is due to the water leaching slowly and depositing heavy salt on the surface.

This wall was full of water.  Drilling a hole at the bottom of the faceshell of this block clearly shows the water draining.

We have the solution!!

Cavity Vent tm CV 5010 works because it creates many openings continuously at the lowest point of the wall.
  • Forms the bottom side of the bed joint of mortar.

  • 3/16" thickness does not interrupt normal layout

  • Creates 4 vent holes every 9-1/2" on entire perimeter

  • Maintains bearing and bond

  • To be installed on top of masonry linterls, continuous masonry bond beams, and foundations


  • Clean installation surface

  • Cavity Vent should be positioned on flashings and waterstops with continuous edge in front of any reinforcing rod beyond the block faceshell in the core of the block and the intermittent edge extending to the walls exterior past the block faceshell

  • Apply bed joint of mortar

  • Install masonry units on bed of mortar, following normal installation procedures

  • Tool and finish mortar joints

  • Use common utility knife to score cavity vent at wall line

  • Break off excess cavity vent on scored line

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